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Thrilling 3's

Ages: Must be 3 by September 1

Meets 3-4 mornings a week (9am – 12pm)

Maximum number of kids: 16 students (one teacher, 1 assistant, and assisting parent)

A continuation of all good things or again, a wonderful introduction into pre-school. Painting, music, circle-time, outdoor play, and field trips are just a few of the things your family will experience in this incredible program. 

Children are introduced to sharing, growing, and participating in group activites while enjoying their new-found independence. Parent involvement is key in the success of this program and there are lots of fun ways, as a parent, to be a part of the action!

" Adult-to-child-ratio: I've spoken to friends and family who work in education, and have been involved in preschool teaching and/or daycare, and they’re very impressed by this. Our group this year averages about 3 adults (one teacher, two parents) for 10-12 children. It's great to be on such familiar terms with the girls' teacher. You learn new stuff about them and their abilities. I like the balance of directed activities and free-form play. They can follow their instincts and gravitate to a number of ever-changing, always accessible and appealing activities. The atmosphere is one of trust: trust that the kids will learn, trust that they will behave, and trust that they will treat others well." 

- Sasha Rubel

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