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Terrific 2's

Ages: Must be 2 by September 1

Meets two mornings a week (Tuesdays and Thursdays, 9am – 12pm)

Maximum number of kids: 14 students (one teacher, 1 assistant, and assisting parent)

Come play with us! The "Terrific Two's" is a unique program because a child can have a taste of independence and still have the security of having Mom or Dad in the classroom. Parent involvement is key in the success of this program. Music, art/crafts, and field trips are just a few examples of what your child will take delight in. 

Small classes with a high parent/teacher ratio will give you every comfort in knowing that your childs' first "school" experience will be a positive one!

" As a parent of a preschooler, I cannot imagine a better learning environment for my son than I find at the Cooperative Nursery School of Urbana. The staff is fully dedicated to the children. Parent communication isn’t an afterthought. It's an everyday necessity because parents are also teachers in the classroom. Through participating in the classroom, I gain an inside look at my child’s social development and develop friendships with the other parents. It is clear on every level from the adults in the classroom to the parents serving on the board of directors that this school is all about the kids! The kids feel the secure presence of teachers they trust and parents of their class friends, which enables them to grow and learn exponentially. I am proud to be an active part of my child’s education as a member of the Co-op." 

- Melinda Watts-Ellis

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