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It was a short but enjoyable week together. We talked about what we are thankful for and decorated turkey feathers. In the sensory table, we worked with mini beads. On Tuesday, there was music with Ms. Katie, and we had a visit from a 3 year old boy who may join the class.

Winter Weather

In the coming week, we will begin talking about winter. Discussions will include: what to wear in the winter, winter sports and hobbies, and foods and drinks that people enjoy in the winter. Books and art will have a winter theme, too.

Our School wide Winter Concert

Our winter concert is quickly approaching! It is scheduled for Thursday, Dec. 15th at 11:30 a.m. Family and friends are welcome to join us for the concert and lunch. Pizza will be provided, and families are asked to bring a side dish or dessert to share. We could also use some parent assistance with decorating and setting up Fellowship Hall the day of the concert.

Some parents like to dress the kids up for the winter concert, but this is completely optional. We will not paint and will work hard to stay clean! There are a handful of children who are hesitant to sing in the group each year. I do not want this event to be stressful or upsetting for the children. If this is the case, please do what you feel is best for your child. Parents are welcome to stand and sing with the group, too.

Please bring kids with hats and mittens for our outside time. I keep some extras around the school, but I don’t have enough sets for everyone.

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